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PREORDER – Hello Bastards – Complete Discography 2005-2021 Boxset

Posted on 13th May 2021 by xmaxix

Hi all

Another tape boxset is up for preorder now !
So packed I hardly managed to close the lid: 2 tapes + tote bag + 32 pages booklet and more !!
Hello Bastards – international collective, for years based in London, UK but now spread across the globe (Jeff lives still in London, Max in Singapore and Herman in Poland) and still active !!!
Putting aside the fact that our bands have split release and we’re friends for number of years now – I love their super intense mixture of old schools and straightforward hardcore/punk and crushing powerviolance

“Sealed” 7 inch pizza box with all-over artwork containing:
- 1 cassette tape with special full-coverage UV on body print containing complete STUDIO discography
- 1 cassette tape with special full-coverage UV on body print containing complete LIVE discography
- more than 120 minutes of energetic HC/punk mixture with powerviolance !
- both tapes packed in cardboard mailer with all-over artwork
- 2 HxB stickers
- 783punx sticker
- HxB A3 poster
- 32 pages booklet with complete lyrics and band history, linear notes and info printed on thick paper
- sweatshop-free HxB tote bag

Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies

Orders: webstore (card) or bandcamp (paypal)
Please keep in mind that bandcamp have shipping cost set to 0. i will check best possible option for shipping and send you paypal request to cover shipping cost)
Box is quite heavy (2 tapes / tote bag + 32pages thick-paper booklet) so orders outside of UK may be affected with higher shipping rates.

Release date: 26/05/2021

For band’s special request – this is cooperation release between 783punx (UK), band-runned Favela Records, Helldog Records (PL) and SHITRESIST (Singapore)

783punx / DIY label

Hello Bastards & Herida Profunda split release!

Posted on 23rd June 2017 by xmaxix


Good Guys Go Grind is happy to announce than Hello Bastards and Herida Profunda are teaming up to release 7 inch split next month. Release party will take place during Fuck The Borders Fest vol.II @ Przychodnia Squat in Warsaw / Poland on 14-15/07/2017, where both bands will perform.

This release is out thanks to international cooperation between WOOAAARGH, DEVIANCE, 783 punx, Hecatombe Records and N.I.C. Records. Pre-order starts now so feel free to contact them or bands to get your black or clear vinyl copy:

WOOAAARGH (Germany) –

DEVIANCE (France) –

783 punx (UK) -

Hecatombe Records (Spain) –

N.I.C. Records (Poland) –

or bands and get your



Killer cover artwork for this release is done by Rafal “Wechter” Wechterowicz / TOO MANY SKULLS

We are more than happy to give you small preview of what to expect.

Once again Herida Profunda have chosen Studio RIOT ( for recording session.

Seat comfortably, increase volume and press play to check new track from HERIDA PROFUNDA titled “Refugees Welcome”.

Now get up the floor, add little bit more volume and nail your own coffin with new tune from HELLO BASTARDS titled “Equality”


hp-hb - cover (1)


Brittany, France Mini Tour in June 2017

Posted on 19th May 2017 by xmaxix

We play in Brittany, FR on the beginning of June’17.

Here are some info:

Friday 2nd with DEDALE @ L’odyssée Bar in Saint Renan (29290). Is 15min driving from Brest. (this link is for the venue)

Saturday 3rd on ShitNoise Fest @ Le Puits, Bovel (35330).

Sunday 4th with CHAVIRÉ @ La Rumeur in Nantes (44000).

Share! Support! Long Live DIY Scene!


xHBx Brittany Tour June'17 Nantes Gig ShitNoiseFest


Solidarity & Support for Belarus…

Posted on 15th March 2017 by xmaxix

Solidarity & Support for Belarus…

New invention by a man who declares himself as the “last dictator in Europe”. Belarusian president since 1994 Alexander Lukashenko implemented a law imposing a tax on those not in full-time employment.

The “law against social parasites” requires people who work fewer than 183 days per year to pay the government compensation for lost taxes – around €235 euros.

The new tax met with disapproval of the people from Belarus, many of whom after two years of economic recession are struggling to make ends meet.

In the last weeks, people protested on the streets of many Belarusian cities. Not only those who are touched by the new tax. All people are tired of the tyranny and they want change!

The current tactics of Lukashenko is not to fight the demonstrations in violent way but to apply undercover repressions instead. So many activists (also anarchists) have been detained in the last days.
Today, big protests had taken place in Minsk and other cities, with some activists being arrested days before, so they could not attend.

Violence and arrests by undercover police are taking place
(Video from the Bus).

People in Belarus are fighting for their freedom and end of totalitarian system in this very moment.

Support them however you can, spread the word…
International solidarity now!

An inside-view from anarchist perspective:…/minsk-belarus-anarchists-on-protest-ag…/

xHBx @ Benefit Gig for BASTA (Non-Profit) in BCN

Posted on 10th January 2017 by xmaxix

Here is for our 2nd gig in BCN on Saturday 28th Jan’17

Is an Benefit Gig for BASTA (Non-Profit Animal Rights Organization)

Here is the bands we will be sharing the night:


@ Kemikal Bunker 21:00 / Rambla De Prim 300 ( Metro La Pau)

xHBx BCN Saturday 28th

xHBx @ Can’t Keep Us Down Fest in BCN

Posted on 10th January 2017 by xmaxix

For those in BCN or around, here is the link for our gig on Friday 27th Jan’17

xHBx BCN Friday 27th

xHBx Benefit Gig @ Birds Nest, Deptford

Posted on 10th January 2017 by xmaxix

Is a Benefit Gig for OVERDRIVE STUDIO @ Birds Nest, Deptford, LDN:

AGNOSY 22.20 – 23.00
London D-beaters

HELLO BASTARDS 21.40 – 22.00
Shirt ripping Fasttttcore

TANNHAUSER KREIG 20.50 – 21.20
Rock hard! 

P.I.G 20.05 – 20.30
Big John and Sarah init bruv xxxxxxxx

New occulty punx

DEAD THRONES 18.50 – 19.20
Lovable drunks

This is a benefit to help out OVERDRIVE REHEARSAL STUDIOS these guys help keep the SE London punk and music scene alive so bring a decent donation to help them out of a tight spot.

xHBx Birds Nest Friday 20th

xHBx gigs for January 2017

Posted on 10th January 2017 by xmaxix



So the New Year is here and this is what we go for this month.

xHBx Jan'17 gigs

Russian Tour – October 2016

Posted on 23rd September 2016 by xmaxix

We have finally confirmed our long-awaited Russian tour during October!

This is our schedule so far:

Saturday 8th October
Moscow @ ДИЧ
Support from:
Duke Nukem –

Tanator –

Fatum –



Sunday 9th October
Petrozavodsk @ TBC
Support from:
The Minc – one of the oldest d-beat/crust bands in Russia –


Monday 10th October
St. Petersburg @ Всё Просто Bar
Support: from:
Afterlife – Female Fronted 90’s style Hardcore

Nosebleed – Angry Old-school Hardcore Straight Edge

Loss – Melodic, passionate and heartfelt old-school Hardcore


Tuesday 11th October
Yaroslavl @ Ми-ля
Support from:
Local Punk-Crust-Hardcore bands


Wednesday 12th October
Nizhny Novgorod @ Stanok
Local Punk-Crust-Hardcore bands


Thursday 13th October
Day off somewhere on the way to Volzhsky or last minute show (TBC – get in touch to help with a gig!)


Friday 14th October
Volzhsky @ Mark’s Bar
Support from:
Local Punk-Crust-Hardcore bands


Saturday 15th October
Secret show already confirmed!!!! More details close to the date!!!


Sunday 16th October
Moscow and До свидания России!


Posted on 24th May 2016 by xmaxix


Our LP is ready to listen on YouTube:

Hello Bastards LP – YouTube Link

It will also be available to download on our Bandcamp soon!

More news regarding shows soon…