PREORDER – Hello Bastards – Complete Discography 2005-2021 Boxset

Posted on 13th May 2021 by xmaxix

Hi all

Another tape boxset is up for preorder now !
So packed I hardly managed to close the lid: 2 tapes + tote bag + 32 pages booklet and more !!
Hello Bastards – international collective, for years based in London, UK but now spread across the globe (Jeff lives still in London, Max in Singapore and Herman in Poland) and still active !!!
Putting aside the fact that our bands have split release and we’re friends for number of years now – I love their super intense mixture of old schools and straightforward hardcore/punk and crushing powerviolance

“Sealed” 7 inch pizza box with all-over artwork containing:
- 1 cassette tape with special full-coverage UV on body print containing complete STUDIO discography
- 1 cassette tape with special full-coverage UV on body print containing complete LIVE discography
- more than 120 minutes of energetic HC/punk mixture with powerviolance !
- both tapes packed in cardboard mailer with all-over artwork
- 2 HxB stickers
- 783punx sticker
- HxB A3 poster
- 32 pages booklet with complete lyrics and band history, linear notes and info printed on thick paper
- sweatshop-free HxB tote bag

Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies

Orders: webstore (card) or bandcamp (paypal)
Please keep in mind that bandcamp have shipping cost set to 0. i will check best possible option for shipping and send you paypal request to cover shipping cost)
Box is quite heavy (2 tapes / tote bag + 32pages thick-paper booklet) so orders outside of UK may be affected with higher shipping rates.

Release date: 26/05/2021

For band’s special request – this is cooperation release between 783punx (UK), band-runned Favela Records, Helldog Records (PL) and SHITRESIST (Singapore)

783punx / DIY label

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