Solidarity & Support for Belarus…

Posted on 15th March 2017 by xmaxix

Solidarity & Support for Belarus…

New invention by a man who declares himself as the “last dictator in Europe”. Belarusian president since 1994 Alexander Lukashenko implemented a law imposing a tax on those not in full-time employment.

The “law against social parasites” requires people who work fewer than 183 days per year to pay the government compensation for lost taxes – around €235 euros.

The new tax met with disapproval of the people from Belarus, many of whom after two years of economic recession are struggling to make ends meet.

In the last weeks, people protested on the streets of many Belarusian cities. Not only those who are touched by the new tax. All people are tired of the tyranny and they want change!

The current tactics of Lukashenko is not to fight the demonstrations in violent way but to apply undercover repressions instead. So many activists (also anarchists) have been detained in the last days.
Today, big protests had taken place in Minsk and other cities, with some activists being arrested days before, so they could not attend.

Violence and arrests by undercover police are taking place
(Video from the Bus).

People in Belarus are fighting for their freedom and end of totalitarian system in this very moment.

Support them however you can, spread the word…
International solidarity now!

An inside-view from anarchist perspective:…/minsk-belarus-anarchists-on-protest-ag…/

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