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Posted on 12th July 2012 by xmaxix

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A compilation to raise awareness for the 2005 London Bombings Truth Campaign.

The London Bombings; issues surrounding this event cover a wide range of topics such as the restriction of civil liberties, the ever expanding war on terror, the increase of racist propaganda/general ignorance about the Muslim community, all of which wouldn’t have been anywhere near as bad without 7/7 and of course 9/11 before that.
There is vast quantities of debate and independent research on the topic, included in this compilation are some extra downloads which can serve as an introduction to the subject from the perspective of those who ask questions regarding the truth behind the official version of events.

The internet is rammed with websites and resources for the subject so we could endlessly list, so without us doing so check out which is regularly updated.
The most recent documentary and “safest” in our opinion is “7/7 Crime And Punishment” by Tom Secker, you can watch it here:

This compilation is dedicated to those who lost their lives on July 7th 2005 due to the bombings.

released 07 July 2012
All the bands included. Matt from Pumpkin Records for mastering. Righteous Anger Records.

1. Luvdump – Who Decides The Truth 03:57
2. Global Parasite – Seven Seven 03:24
3. Hello Bastards – Stockwell Terror 01:18
4. Dead Subverts – Kubark 02:41
5. Armed Response Unit – Line the Casket 01:09
6. From The Cradle To The Rave – The Lynch Mob 03:59
7. Black Star Dub Collective – Until Babylon Falls 04:24
8. Same Old Steve – Moonlight Sonata 03:43
9. The Deadittes – Bombs Tonight 03:13
10. Bring To Ruin – Stuff The Upper Crust 01:59
11. Meinhoff – Ghetto Punk 01:58
12. Down To Kill – Rise Up 02:00
13. Subside – Victims Of Politics 01:40
14. The Irrefutable (Ft Son of Saturn)Prod.Push Beats,Luka) – Mechanized Konfusion 03:21
15. Bruva Grimm (Ft Joey Menza) – God Complex 02:49
16. Spanner – Crisis 05:40
17. Subhumans – This year’s war 03:43
18. Oi Polloi – They Shoot Children 01:08
19. Burnt Cross – Spectacle of the Obscene 01:55
20. Moral Dilema – Right To Remain Silent 02:52
21. Power Is Poison – Never gonna 01:42
22. Ram-Man – All you need to know 03:33
23. Total Bloody Chaos – Police Brutality 02:24
24. Finite Death – Pigs (are intelligent animals) 03:02
25. I.C.H – My First Political Song 04:34

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