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Posted on 9th March 2012 by xmaxix

We are happy to announce that we have two new releases!!!

The first one is a Digipak CD, printed on recycled cardboard by the Footprint Workers Co-operative from Leeds, UK (
This is a DIY/Favela Records release and includes 13 songs, 8 of them previously only released in the “Full Discography” tape released by Kawaii Records ( back in 2010 and now completely sold out. These are not our new songs but we decided to release them because it was a pity not to use them at all! (Thanks Killed By Death Records for never releasing that 7”… cof cof cof). There are only 200 CD’s of this release and the price is GBP 2.50 or EUR 3 per copy plus postage costs.

The seconds release is a split tape with the incredible band Jagernaut from Greece. This split tape was released by Noise Attack Records (, Scull Crasher Records (, Severed in Seconds Records ( and Alcoholic Desaster Records (
Again, we have included some unreleased or “compilation only” songs on this split from previous recording sessions.
This edition is limited to 200 copies only, with only 50 of them to distribute in the UK. The tapes come in three different colours: black (20 copies), white (20 copies) and transparent (10 copies). The price is GBP 2.50 or EUR 3 per copy plus postage costs.
Get in touch with us at x hello bastards x (at) Hotmail. com

Hello Bastards
Hello Bastards
Hello Bastards
Hello Bastards

Our new release is still a “work in progress” at the moment and we hope to release the LP sometime this year!

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