Posted on 16th January 2012 by xmaxix

We uploaded in our MySpace ( a couple of the songs that we recorded while on tour in Hungary back in December 2011. These songs are mostly demo songs and they still need to be properly mixed/mastered but we wanted to share them anyway!


No Utopias

The revolution has not been defeated
Their legacy remains vital to this day

There are No Utopias
There are No Utopias

The F.A.I. and C.N.T. creating barricades of ideals
The Durruti Column that leads the march
to eliminate all institutions of state power
and illuminate our patch, a constant inspiration

Learning from the past
To fight the present

There are No Utopias
There are No Utopias

Sin Fronteras

Living in constant fear, no one should be illegal
Total abolition of immigration controls and inhuman deportations

Sin Fronteras!

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